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Hi! I'm Sam.

I'm a machine learning researcher working in the field of ML explanations and deep reinforcement learning. I've spent most of my career working on large-scale streaming systems for companies like Twitter and Stripe.

I'm most well known in the software world as the author of Summingbird and Algebird, and as the maintainer of Cascalog. I have a secret identity as a mountain athlete, and write race reports from time to time.

I write a blog at this site. Head over to the index to see the latest posts, or subscribe to my (very tiny) newsletter to get a heads up when I post something new.

Here are a few sequences of posts that you might find interesting. If you do find anything valuable, please consider supporting my work on Patreon.

Race Reports (index)

In progress:

  • Niwot's Challenge 2018, 2019

Book Reviews (index)

I'm working on a number of book reviews; I'll post them here as I start to produce them. In the meantime you might be interested in my bookshelf.

I post books I'm reading, or have read, on my Goodreads account here.

Here are the reviews:


These are forthcoming. I'm working on a number of teaching tracks on various subjects in math, programming and overall learning. Check back in for in-depth series on:

Individual Tutorials

Software Tutorials

Fun Stuff

Tidbits, insights into my odd mind.

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