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Hi! I'm Sam Ritchie.

I'm a researcher at the Mentat Collective, a small group of brains exploring computing and user interface ideas that might support thriving human communities in the year 2050.

Previously I spent time as a Staff Research Engineer at Google X, working in the field of AI and deep reinforcement learning. I've spent most of my career working on large-scale streaming systems for companies like Twitter and Stripe. I'm quite interested in the problem of how to present research results in interactive ways that make results intuitive and visual; the relevant phrase is, "Kill the PDF".

I'm most well known in the software world as the author of Summingbird, Algebird, and SICMUtils, and as the maintainer of Cascalog. I have a secret identity as a mountain athlete, and write race reports from time to time.

I write a blog at this site. Head over to the index to see the latest posts, and subscribe to my newsletter to get a heads up when I post something new.

I'm also working my way through modern physics, with an aim of reading and absorbing Roger Penrose's The Road to Reality. Follow along on my Physics newsletter here.

Here are a few sequences of posts that you might find interesting. If you do find anything valuable, please consider supporting my work on Patreon.

Race Reports (index)

Book Reviews (index)

I'm working on a number of book reviews; I'll post them here as I start to produce them. In the meantime you might be interested in my bookshelf.

I post books I'm reading, or have read, on my Goodreads account here.

Here are the reviews:


These are forthcoming. I'm working on a number of teaching tracks on various subjects in math, programming and overall learning. Check back in for in-depth series on:

Individual Tutorials

Software Tutorials

Fun Stuff

Tidbits, insights into my odd mind.

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