Functional Numerical Methods

This page contains a literate-programming exported version a definite-integral package I built into SICMUtils [], a Clojure(script) based computer algebra system based on Gerald Sussman's scmutils []. (Beware the buzzwords...) I expect that »

Power Series, Power Serious

This post spawned from work I've been doing on the SICMUtils [] library; I've just released 0.13.0 [] and I hope you'll give it a try. SICMUtils is the »

How to Publish CLJSJS Jars to Clojars

I've been doing a lot of work in Clojurescript [] lately, and the time finally came to pull in my first vanilla Javascript dependency []. The default way to do this seems to be the CLJSJS project [http://cljsjs. »

Optics and the Principle of Least Time

(This is a writeup of Exercise 1.3 [] from Sussman and Wisdom's "Structure and Interpretation of Classical Mechanics". See the solutions repository [] for more.) * Law of Reflection * Geometry * Calculus * Law of Refraction »

Half Angles from Euler's Formula

I've been reading the lovely Visual Complex Analysis [] by Tristan Needham [], and the visual-style proofs he's been throwing down have been wonderful and refreshing. I'll write more about this book and its goals later, »

Book: The Second Mountain

I had a hard time with this book; it showed up in the TED book club mailing months ago, and I went into my reading primed to love the message, which is concise and persuasive... but maybe so persuasive on its own that the book feels like 300 pages of »

Taylor Series and Imaginary Numbers

I wanted to share some of the intuition I've been developing around complex numbers []; some of the resources that have been helpful, for understanding why anyone would come up with an idea like $i$, the square root of -1, and then »

Book: On Having No Head

What a strange, fantastic little book! I recently read Douglas Harding's "On Having No Head []" after hearing Sam Harris mention the book in one of "Waking Up []" meditations, and then many times on subsequent podcasts. »

Windshield and Windows Attached

The RV10 has windows! And a windshield! I've got everything attached and mostly cleaned up. Here's what it looks like now: I used three tubes of Lord 7545 A/E adhesive from Aerosport Products [], one for each pair of side »

Spring Clips and Stage Time

I'm out here working on the plane today - I haven't made it out much, lately, but I'm in the garage spending the time. This project will end up taking roughly five years, three years longer than I thought it might when I started. »

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