Functional Numerical Methods

This page contains a literate-programming exported version a definite-integral package I built into SICMUtils, a Clojure(script) based computer algebra system based on Gerald Sussman's scmutils. (Beware the buzzwords...) I expect that this post will fission into a full series, with a bit of explanation about how each piece fits »

Power Series, Power Serious

This post spawned from work I've been doing on the SICMUtils library; I've just released 0.13.0 and I hope you'll give it a try. SICMUtils is the engine behind the wonderful "Structure and Interpretation of Classical Mechanics", an advanced physics textbook by Gerald Sussman of SICP fame. I'm »

How to Publish CLJSJS Jars to Clojars

I've been doing a lot of work in Clojurescript lately, and the time finally came to pull in my first vanilla Javascript dependency. The default way to do this seems to be the CLJSJS project. CLJSJS publishes many Javascript packages in a form that you can consume from a Clojure »

Optics and the Principle of Least Time

(This is a writeup of Exercise 1.3 from Sussman and Wisdom's "Structure and Interpretation of Classical Mechanics". See the solutions repository for more.) Law of Reflection Geometry Calculus Law of Refraction Calculus Geometry The problem explores some consequences for optics of the principle of least time. The »

Half Angles from Euler's Formula

I've been reading the lovely Visual Complex Analysis by Tristan Needham, and the visual-style proofs he's been throwing down have been wonderful and refreshing. I'll write more about this book and its goals later, but I was inspired this AM to write up a proof of the half angle identities »

Book: The Second Mountain

I had a hard time with this book; it showed up in the TED book club mailing months ago, and I went into my reading primed to love the message, which is concise and persuasive... but maybe so persuasive on its own that the book feels like 300 pages of »

Taylor Series and Imaginary Numbers

I wanted to share some of the intuition I've been developing around complex numbers; some of the resources that have been helpful, for understanding why anyone would come up with an idea like $i$, the square root of -1, and then build an entire number system on top of it. »

Book: On Having No Head

What a strange, fantastic little book! I recently read Douglas Harding's "On Having No Head" after hearing Sam Harris mention the book in one of "Waking Up" meditations, and then many times on subsequent podcasts. The book is a long look at an insight that blew Harding's mind — from the »

Windshield and Windows Attached

The RV10 has windows! And a windshield! I've got everything attached and mostly cleaned up. Here's what it looks like now: I used three tubes of Lord 7545 A/E adhesive from Aerosport Products, one for each pair of side windows and a full tube for the windshield. The process »

Spring Clips and Stage Time

I'm out here working on the plane today - I haven't made it out much, lately, but I'm in the garage spending the time. This project will end up taking roughly five years, three years longer than I thought it might when I started. I've gone through so many oscillations »

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