Getting Creative with MapReduce

One problem with many existing MapReduce abstraction layers is the utter difficulty of testing queries and workflows. End-to-end tests are maddening to craft in vanilla Hadoop and frustrating at best in Pig and Hive. The difficulty of testing MapReduce workflows makes it scary to change code, and destroys your desire »

Cascalog 1.8.1 Released

Nathan Marz and I are releasing Cascalog 1.8.1 today! We've added a few interesting features, and I thought I'd provide a bit more detail here for anyone interested. Cross Join cascalog.api now includes support for cross-joins; just add (cross-join) to your query as its own predicate. Think »

Haskell in Emacs

I spent some time today getting my emacs config set up to learn Haskell, and ran into a few issues; I figured I'd go ahead and document the process here for everyone's enjoyment. We're going to install and configure Haskell mode, then add a few extensions that'll make learning Haskell »

Simple Hadoop Clusters

I'm excited to announce Pallet-Hadoop, a configuration library written in Clojure for Apache's Hadoop. In the tutorial, we're going to see how to create a three node Hadoop cluster on EC2, and run a word count on MapReduce. We'll be following along with Pallet-Hadoop example project for the introduction; for »

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